Mongram Throw Pillows Make a House a Home

When you first moved into your house, you probably couldn't wait to personalize it to make it more reflective of your family. You carefully hung pictures on the wall, displayed your favorite knick-knacks, and decorated each of your children's rooms in a style that showed their unique personalities. Monogram throw pillows from Avery & Ethan Personalized Gifts are another way to show family unity and create a warm, cozy feeling that everyone in your family will relish.

Throw Pillows for Your Living Room

When you're watching television, working on the computer, or curled up with a good book, having a comfortable pillow nearby can make all the difference. Perhaps you want to prop a pillow or two behind your head or just have something soft to squeeze. It's even better when the pillow is your favorite color or has your family name printed on it.

You're in complete control when you order monogrammed pillows from our company. Some of our most popular monogramming options include:

  • The family surname.
  • Each of the couple's first names along with the date they got married.
  • The first and middle name of each child and his or her date of birth.
  • Commemorating a special event, such as a milestone wedding anniversary or a formal accomplishment.
  • Family trees.

Throw Pillows for the Bedroom

Anyone who has ever shared a bed with another person knows how greatly opinions about comfort can vary. You may enjoy soft, squishy pillows while your partner prefers resting on one or two throw pillows. Our monogrammed pillows are a simple solution, especially when you both prefer sleeping on throw pillows. Having your individual name on each pillow makes it easy to remember whose is whose.

Children also enjoy owning pillows with their names emblazoned on them. It gives them a sense of pride and makes their room feel more like their own, even when they share with a sibling. With the holiday season coming up, personalized throw pillows make for special and affordable gifts.

December 11, 2014 by Nicole Brown
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Mariajamile said:

Glad you posted this! The mermoy foam pillow is my last ditch attempt at sleep comfort (in the neck and shoulder area). I have fibromyalgia and sleeping isn’t something I’ve had a whole bunch of luck with as far as consistency. We invested a few hundred dollars in a mermoy foam mattress topper quite thick actually it’s about four to five inches thick. The thing is like sleeping on a cloud and I couldn’t be happier with it! It does get a wee bit warmish through the night, especially in winter while sleeping under a faux-down comforter. Phew! But I have held out on the mermoy foam pillows until I saw how the mattress top fared, and had forgotten all about getting some. My one concern is heat. I do know that body heat actually absorbs into the foam and can radiate back at you like it does with my topper. I hope that doesn’t happen with the pillows as much because the last thing that I need at this particular time of my life is for anything to encourage more hot flashes!

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