Personalized Pillows: The Perfect Gift

When you are shopping for a gift, box stores offer lots of plastic, disposable toy options. Many of these toys are just passing fads associated with the latest movie that is in theaters. Yes, the child will love receiving one of these toys but when the next movie comes out the old toy will start collecting dust or be lost under the bed. Consider purchasing a personalized pillow as a gift instead. Advantages of personalized pillows include:

Adds to Room Decor

A personalized pillow can be a stylish aspect of your child's room.  If you have a theme like sports or firetrucks you can select a pillow that goes with the theme. Or you can create a theme around the pillow you choose. In either case the personalized pillow will liven up the room. Since the design is printed on both sides it will always be showing.

Great for Sleepovers

How excited will your child be to bring their personalized pillow to a sleepover? Everyone will know which pillow they own. No need to worry about it getting mixed up with someone else's pillow. Your child will be proud to show off their special pillow!

Perfect for All Ages

Many times children outgrow their room decor. Parents decorate the bedroom for a baby in a baby theme but when the child is 6 they have to redecorate. A personalized pillow is good for any age. In fact, it is likely your child will want to bring their personalized pillow off to college!

Easy to Clean

We all know that kids need to have bedding that is easy to clean. Unfortunately at some point they may get sick on their pillow. The last thing you want in that moment is a difficult to clean favorite pillow. The personalized pillow has a concealed zipper making the cover easy to remove and wash in the machine. It can be tumble dried on low.

If you are looking for a fantastic birthday or holiday gift for you child consider purchasing a personalized pillow. It will be enjoyed for years unlike the plastic movie theme toy option!

November 05, 2014 by Nicole Brown
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