Using Personalized Kids Room Decor to Make a Shared Space Uniquely Individual

One of the joys and challenges of childhood for many kids, is sharing a room with one or more siblings.  Between fun interactive playtime, blanket fort building, massive lego communities, and late night story telling and giggles, sharing a room with a brother or sister can be one of the best things for a child.  Whether the sharing is by choice or by necessity (due to tight space) personalized kids room decor can help make a space shared by two or more individuals feel specially unique to each child involved.


Merging two or more distinct personalities into a relatively small space can be challenging, but is not impossible.  One product offered by Avery and Ethan that is sure to delight your children and bring an unmistakable touch of individuality to a shared room is our personalized wall art.  With a large collection of classy and young designs, everyone is sure to find one that matches their own personal style.

Especially in the case of a smaller shared space, items such as bedding may be made to match or at least compliment each other for aesthetic reasons.  A simple and inexpensive option to spice up neutral matching bedding for kids is to add some unique and personalized pillows.  With styles catering to tiny ballerinas, animal lovers, young astronauts, and everything in between, kids will have great fun choosing a plush pillow that matches their personality.

With inventory consistently changing and growing, make sure to check out Avery and Ethan's website for more fun and creative ideas to make each child's space uniquely personal and one of a kind!

September 10, 2014 by Nicole Brown
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