Making Meal Time Fun with Personalized Kids Plates

Kids grow and change so fast, and many of their milestones and accomplishments are marked as gift giving occasions.  Whether it's a first football game, dance recital, starting kindergarten, new sibling, or a holiday, choosing an appropriate gift can be a big challenge.  Many kids may not get overly excited about a practical gift, however there are definite exceptions.  Kids like to feel special, and what better way to make them feel one-of-a-kind than a unique personalized gift?

Since kids have multiple meal times throughout the day, one of the most useful gifts to give is a personalized plate or bowl.  There are so many occasions that are the perfect time to give personalized kids plates as a gift to the special kid in your life.  Avery & Ethan offers well made and adorable personalized plates and bowls for nearly everything you can imagine.  It is most definitely a gift that will be well received and well used.  Designs range from wildlife to sports and everything in between.  It is a fun and useful gift that is able to be personalized to encourage and provide a constant reminder of how special they are! 

Personalized plates for kids can also encourage happy helpers in the kitchen and eager eaters at the table.  Kids will enjoy helping Mom and Dad set the table, clear the table, and wash dishes.  There will also be an added bonus to clearing the chicken and broccoli from their plate when their favorite super hero, princess, dinosaur, or dolphin is smiling up at them when they finish!  

August 14, 2014 by Nicole Brown
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